The Path Of Love

Liner Notes

Aham Prema

This song combines two complentary mantras that are both about realizing and embodying our own DIVINE nature.  The first mantra: Om parama prema rupaya namaha om means, "I am calling in DIvine Love in a recognizable form,"  and the second mantra: Aham Prema means, "I AM Divine Love."  So first we are calling to the divine in a form that we know best (a saint, a god or goddess, an ascended master, the Source, whatever that is for each of us; that energy comes from outside of us to support us and surround us in Love.  Then we are acknowledging that that is not really outside of us at all...that we ARE that Divine Love, that we are ourselves the same energy as the saints and masters.  This is one of the ideas of the Tantra: the inner and the outer are One.  I am Divine Love, You are Divine Love; We are Divine Love.   All is Love!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Tracey was first introduced to this mantra at Amma's darshan ( six or seven years ago.  Chanting it with a couple thousand people is incredibly powerful and heart-opening.  Perhaps it is one of the most moving mantras because it means "may all the beings in ALL the worlds be happy!"  It is such a high prayer--so selfless, so sublime.  We are praying from our hearts for the happiness of not just humans, but for the happiness of any conceivable being in any world in the universe.  "It chokes me up to sing this mantra, everytime; it is such an offering of the most beautiful order," says Tracey.

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