~ in love we gather ~
~ in grace we sing ~

DEVI means "the Goddess" or "the shining one," in Sanskrit.  Connected to the Divine Feminine, in all her forms, the members of this band seek to open up to the Goddess, to channel her beauty and power through them in song, and to celebrate the One Light that shines from each of us as we open our hearts.  Come enjoy community chanting with DEVI. Kirtan, ecstatic chanting from the Indian Bhakti (devotional) tradition, is participatory, in that everyone sings together from their hearts, regardless of ability. This beautiful sing-along art lifts the spirit, connects the hearts of all present, creates feelings of bliss and well being. We sing the names of the Divine using sacred mantras in Sanskrit and English. The vibration of Sanskrit mantras actually tunes and heals our bodies and opens and expands our energy fields. Chanting is a perfect heart-opening practice, as it cultivates love and devotion and deep peace. 

Accompanied by harmonium, guitar, bass and drums, we sing kirtan "standards" and original chants and gospel songs.

No experience or special skill is needed; just a desire to be in a circle of like-hearted folks. Sing, dance, or simply lie down and close your eyes allowing the waves of song to wash over you.

Kirtan is growing in popularity all over the country, and DEVI is part of the growth of this mystical, inclusive musical form. 

Kids welcome with supervision. Bring rattles, tambourines, finger cymbals or drums! 

DEVI is Tracey Forest (vocals and harmonium and guitar), Deena Chappell (mandolin and vocals and guitar), Bill Jambavan making guest appearances (guitar and vocals), Chris Gianitti (stand-up bass) and Lisa Carton (drums).


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